Week-End Wedding Resources: September 4th, 2020

ON 4, September 2020


2020. The year like never before. With virtual Hi’s and Bye’s taking over the in-person hugs and kisses, 2020 has made us frown over touching of any sort! And with many people all over the world losing lives to this pandemic, it has made everyone think about survival. However, the pandemic has also seen various innovations, inventions, and creativity touching the sky! The wedding industry has witnessed various initiatives as well such as online bridal beauty sessions, home-trials of wedding dresses, virtual meetings with vendors, and virtual tours of the wedding venues.


With most of the initiatives making weddings a possibility now, the days are starting to look sunnier than ever! And by ever, we mean March 2020 onwards! Weddings are happening and love birds are getting set to make a nest for their new lives. Whether it is a wedding in court, a virtual wedding, an intimate backyard wedding, or a drive-by parade, the bride and groom are receiving tremendous love and support from their loved ones, like never before. And to make the pandemic-inflicted wedding planning easier for you, we are back again - with dollops of love, sprinkled with happiness, and some useful wedding resources. Can’t wait to check them out? All yours. 


So, you have decided to have a wedding. But keeping the current trends of social distancing in mind, you are now thinking about having a minimalist wedding. We get you. Or maybe you are that kinda couple who believes in exclusivity and wants the focus to stay on the main purpose of their wedding - your union. You don’t want to indulge in all the frills and just wish to enjoy your big day in the presence of your closest friends and family. Whatever be the reason, there are so many ways to have your wedding in a classic but minimalistic style. From keeping your wedding guests compact along with the ambiance details to set the perfect mood at a uniquely minimalist wedding venue or wedding location, all the ideas are listed here. Click below for the ultimate inspiration for a minimalist wedding. 

How To Have A Minimalist Wedding 

Via Here Comes The Guide


Micro weddings have taken the wedding industry by storm. Or should we say, micro weddings have rescued the wedding industry and the newly engaged couples from an ongoing storm? We think the latter makes more sense. If you are keen on having a wedding right now, know that it doesn’t have to be a lavish one! With many couples turning to micro weddings, the trend sure is here to stay. Micro weddings not only make your wedding dreams come true but also ensure that your loved ones are a part of the biggest day of your life. If you are contemplating a micro wedding but are unsure about the hows, we’ve got you the best resources on the internet! Check out this blog from Wandering Weddings that talks about how to plan your micro wedding and what they are all about. Furthermore, they also give you plenty of ideas to take some inspiration. From cozy backyard wedding ceremonies and out-of-the-box scenic locations to surreal post-wedding photoshoots, the blog will surely make you daydream!

How to Plan a Micro Wedding + Ideas to Help You Plan One 

Via Wandering Weddings


You know what they say, ‘through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.’ If your wedding plans have changed, there is no point sulking over it time and again. The more sympathy you get, the sadder you become. We absolutely believe in turning the tide by giving it a slight row of humor. Trust us, it won’t just bring a smile to your face but also lighten up your mood and give your guests an implication that you’re okay. A little bit sad, but okay! And there are various ways in which you can do so. Tidewater and Tulle have beautifully curated a comprehensive list of such products that can infuse your change of plans with a little bit of humor. We are totally crushing over the ‘Change of Plants’ wedding gift! See for yourself and smile it off!

Spread Love, Not Germs: Light-Hearted & Practical COVID Wedding Ideas

Via Tidewater and Tulle


A backyard wedding. Curtain fairy lights to light up the intimate space, beverage dispenser for drinks, a rolling bar cart for all the cheers, hand fans for guests, perfect-for-the-occasion glam dinner plates, a mini chalkboard as a wedding sign, dried pampas grass for decor, fake hanging vines to add to the beauty, vow books for the bride and groom, an elegant cake stand, DIY balloon arch, and a boho area rug - all are made available to you at a simple click of a button. And delivered right at your doorstep! Don’t believe us? Check out the link below and get bombarded with heaps of ideas and inspiration for a backyard wedding decor. 

Best Amazon Decorations for Your Backyard Wedding Reception

Via Junebug Weddings


Yeah, the world’s going through a rough phase. Yeah, all the plans are falling apart. Yeah, you can’t even meet your bestie to live it up like you’ve been doing before. But you still have a wedding to look forward to! And your wedding is going to be the happiest day of your life. But before that, make sure you do not take the hit and blame you or your destiny for everything that is happening. It's times like these in which you need ‘you’. Show yourself some TLC and indulge in some self-pampering. The best case in this scenario is prepping for your wedding day. Why not utilize this time in working on your beauty goals for your wedding. It’s great to be prepared and educated when it comes to your bridal look elements like your hair, brows, skincare, and setting goals from the beginning. Click below to get some serious inspiration on bridal beauty during corona-times that’ll go a long way in helping you achieve the perfect bridal look for your wedding.

An Expert's Six-Step Guide to Bridal Beauty During Coronavirus

Via Brides


The pandemic has led most weddings to be postponed. From a spring-summer wedding of 2020, some newly engaged couples are looking at a new wedding date in fall or winter. In some cases, weddings have moved to a similar season but a different year. In such a case, the bride and groom do not have to worry much about the colors of their wedding. However, in cases where the weddings have been postponed to a different season, there are many ways to transition those colors. You don’t have to stress about changing your wedding colors, ditching already-bought wedding elements, or purchasing news ones according to the season. The colors of your wedding can be wisely transitioned into a new season by working on their accents, upcycling, personalizing the details, and some DIYs. Surprised? Read this blog to understand the different ways of transitioning your wedding look after a change-the-date and change of the season.

New Season, Same Colors: 6 Tips for Updating Your Wedding’s Look After Changing the Date

Via Budget Savvy Bride


Love is love. And love does not care. It’s just us. We think too much about celebrating our love in the most unique or satisfying way. However, if you take a closer look, the soul of your love is celebrated all the time. On little date nights at Starbucks! Or Target! (yes, it’s cute!). Little holidays you’ve taken together, rainy moments you’ve spent together, or even cuddling at home on a Chinese takeout! And when your big day arrives, know that love takes another dimension of promises, vows, a beautiful family. But love remains the same. We hope we have inspired you to celebrate your love just like how it is meant to be - personalized. We’ll be back with so much more next weekend!

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