A Fairytale Love Story In Miami: Katelyn and Charles

A Fairytale Love Story In Miami: Katelyn and Charles


A Fairytale Love Story In Miami: Katelyn and Charles

ON 10, June 2021


When you truly love someone, you want to find as many unique ways to show them as possible! But you know, sometimes, just simply saying, “I love you” does not feel enough! After all, how could those three small words, which you confess to your partner every single day, capture the in-depth meaning of what you really feel for them or for each other?


No matter what is the current status of your relationship, we are sure that your soulmate gives you all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings, and you definitely want them to know all about it! That’s why finding new and out-of-the-ordinary ways to show them how much you love them and want them to be a huge part of your life, like asking the most awaited question, can be actually so meaningful and romantic! And that’s what Charles did! He asked the most beautiful and special question to the love of his life, Katelyn, and without even wasting a second she said yes, and the rest turned out to be a magical fairytale story

As there goes a saying that when you are deeply, madly, and truly in love with someone, the whole universe conspires to help the star-crossed couple to be together! And the same thing happened with our adorable newly engaged Florida couple, Katelyn and Charles! They met, fell in love with each other, and made the wisest decision of their lives, to spend the rest of their lives together falling in love with each other every day! 

For the most special day of their lives, Charles and Katelyn chose Miami as their wedding destination. Because we also believe that there is nothing in the world quite like a Miami wedding! From the year-round warm weather, the panoramic beaches, stunning Art Deco architecture, and endless vibrancy of culture, Miami is not only loved by locals but also makes an incredible wedding destination for couples from around the country and the world! Not only couples get excited when they plan their wedding in Miami, but even our affordable wedding photographers also love this destination, as it offers endless wedding photography opportunities for them to capture the couple and their celebrations in beautiful frames! Miami is indeed a muse and a dream destination for our professional wedding photographers to document a wedding here, especially when it is a beach wedding

Well, talking about this beautiful and enchanting city, Miami’s notorious heat and enchanting afternoon showers are just a few of the things that make our millennial couples choose this destination for their wedding day! With more than a thousand miles of photographic coastline and some unique and alluring environmental features in the country, Miami has indeed diverse wedding options when it comes to creating a stunning Miami wedding portfolio! Mother Nature’s power is often on full display in this charming city. Whether you are watching thunderhead clouds roll in over the gulf or touring the Everglades on a fan boat with your sweetheart, we can assure you that you will be experiencing only a fraction of what this peninsular state has to offer for your wedding day and to our Florida wedding photographers! All these natural features are just a small part of what makes getting married in Miami undeniably attractive! 

Coming back to our head over heels in love couple, Katelyn and Charles, and putting the whole limelight on them and on their Miami wedding. The beautiful Miami couple opted to have an intimate traditional wedding ceremony followed by a casual and utterly romantic beach wedding reception. Just like them, their wedding day was perfect and full of golden sparkles provided by the sun! Our Miami suburbs wedding photographers have a keen interest in capturing all the small details so that they won’t miss out on anything special! It was a pleasure for our creative and professional wedding photographers in Miami to capture Charles and Katelyn’s wedding day by keeping her white wedding dress in a beautiful frame! Our Miami wedding photographers creatively captured her glorious designer wedding dress hanging over a wooden hanger that gracefully mentioned ‘Mrs. McGuigan.’ The wooden hanger that had Katelyn’s married name written all over it, made her getting-ready moment even more special! We can assure you that these kinds of wedding pictures will make our beautiful bride Katelyn cherish this special keepsake for years to come! 

Just next to her wedding dress hanging over a personalized wooden hanger, it was her bridesmaids’ and maid of honor dresses that our talented Miami wedding photographers captured in the perfect frame! Katelyn and her bridesmaids’ dresses highlighted a perfect combination of light and dark tones in perfect proportion. Her classic plain wedding dress complete with deep plunging V-neckline and sweeping train, when placed right next to her maid of honor’s blush gown and white bridesmaids gown, created a perfect frame for wedding dress pictures. The front knee-length slit of Katelyn’s body-hugging wedding dress gracefully highlighted her toned and curved body in the best way possible! To make her MOH’s (Maid of Honor) look pop a little more, our bride opted for a gown for her that was a shade darker (deeper eggplant) than the rest of her bridesmaids' dresses that were white with floral prints, fitting seamlessly into the palette while making it clear that she was her right-hand woman. Before Katelyn slipped into her designer wedding dress, she took out some moments in her bridal suite and posed for some carefree pictures with her bridesmaids in beautiful robes! Trust us, every one of them was looking stunning! Our wedding photographers in and around Miami did capture some casual bridal portraits of Katelyn and her mother together before she got all decked out for her big and special day! 

For her wedding day, Katelyn chose to have a minimalistic look. She wore her side-parted blonde hair down gracefully and minimal makeup that incredibly highlighted her beautiful features along with minimal jewelry. After she and her wedding party slipped into their dresses for the big day, our professional and affordable wedding photographers in and around Miami captured some fun-filled wedding party photos! The laugh, the smile, and the glow on her and her bridesmaid’s faces were gorgeously captured by our photographers! Our wedding photographers in the Miami suburbs also captured some candid and smiling photos of Katelyn with her mom before she made her way to the church for her indoor wedding ceremony

For their romantic and intimate indoor wedding ceremony, Charles and Katelyn chose St. Peter & St. Paul Catholic Church in Miami! The high vaulted ceilings, hanging lamps, and big windows of the church created a romantic and inviting setting for Charles and Katelyn to exchange their wedding vows in the presence of all their loved ones! The warm and soft glow from the hanging lamps and windows allowed a wealth of natural light to flood the interiors and give endless opportunities to our Miami wedding photographers to capture mind-blowing indoor wedding photos! Before Katelyn made her walk down the aisle with her best man towards the love of her life, our professional team of wedding photographers captured some formal photographers of Katelyn and her best man right outside the church! Katelyn’s bridal bouquet had all the beautiful colors of a perfect summer/spring wedding. Mixed with pink, white, and yellow roses and accented with greens, her bridal bouquet was the perfect way to add some aromas to her newly married life! While making her way to the entrance, Katelyn was looking like a showstopper straight from a fashion show, especially with that long wedding veil. The charm and glamor that radiated from her while she walked down the aisle made her look exceptionally stunning and beautiful! 

Even our groom, Charles was looking nothing but dapper in his formal wedding attire! For his groom’s look, he opted for an Astros navy blue pantsuit and paired it with a crisp white shirt. His rose blush tie and a single white rose boutonniere were complementing Katelyn’s bridal bouquet! His neatly side-parted hair and clean shave look were enough to make Katelyn fall for him all over again! 

Katelyn and Charles had a traditional indoor wedding ceremony in the presence of a minister and all their loved ones! After they had exchanged their wedding vows, they both had their first kiss as an officially married couple. Our photographers beautifully captured their first kiss moment in the best of frames! After they both were pronounced husband and wife, holding each other’s hand, Charles and Katelyn walked up the aisle and headed to one section of the church for some formal and romantic wedding photo sessions! Our photographers documented various long shots of Charles and Katelyn together after their wedding ceremony inside the church. After which it was time for their lovely bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen to mark their presence in the wedding photos! All of them together in a frame was looking immensely happy with the union of Katelyn and Charles! 

Before heading for their beach wedding reception to the Salt Waterfront Restaurant, our wedding photographers in Miami did capture some last romantic shots of Katelyn and Charles kissing each other outside the church. They looked all happy and extremely enthusiastic for their casual beach wedding reception. Talking about a beach wedding reception, Miami is known for it! With so much to offer to the couples, to their wedding guests, and to their wedding photographers, wedding reception at a waterfront wedding venue is a treat for all your senses! From panoramic and picturesque views and the romantic rhythmic sound of waves to the cool and refreshing breeze and warm sunshine, Katelyn and Charles’s wedding reception at the Salt Waterfront Restaurant wedding venue created a perfect big-day ambiance for their memorable celebration! 

Before heading for their wedding reception, Katelyn and Charles posed for some romantic couple portraits. They also posed with Katelyn’s parents for some formal family portraits! When it is a waterfront venue for a wedding reception, who doesn’t want all those movie-style poses to get captured in the best of frames? Well, Katelyn kicked off her wedding shoes and posed for some bridal portraits while feeling the sand between her toes and relishing every minute of the sunlight! The sparkling water adorned with the golden sparkle of the sunlight created a magical backdrop for her bridal portraits! She also posed with her bridesmaids and Charles’s handsome groomsmen for some memorable and happy wedding party photographs! After she was done posing with her family and friends, it was time for our love birds to pose with each other against the magnificent background! Our Florida wedding photographers captured every ounce of romance between Charles and Katelyn in the best of frames! They hugged, laughed, and also shared a romantic kiss against the glorious background offered by the Salt Waterfront Restaurant. After Katelyn’s and Charles’s romantic golden hour couple photoshoot session, they both headed for their indoor wedding reception. They directly landed on the dance floor and danced to the song selected by them for their first dance moment! While the natural light from the big and impeccable windows illuminated the interiors and gave endless opportunities to our affordable Florida wedding photographers to document glorious indoor wedding photos! Katelyn and Charles shared some dance steps with their family members too and left no eyes dry in the audience! Looking at their dessert table, it was a bit clear that they both had a sweet tooth and that donut table left our wedding photographers craving for more! 

As it is said that every beautiful day comes to an end, but every end leads to a new beginning! And that is what Katelyn and Charles’ wedding day made us believe! They ended their romantic and special night with cake cutting and stealing a kiss at the moment! All's well that ends well, and Katelyn and Charles’s wedding day was surely a treat for our wedding photographers to capture precious and memorable wedding photographs and cherish their work for the rest of their lives!

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