Month-End Wedding Resources: March 26th, 2021

Month-End Wedding Resources: March 26th, 2021


Month-End Wedding Resources: March 26th, 2021

ON 26, March 2021


"Here comes the sun, and I say, it's all right"- The Beatles.

Each season brings a beauty of its own, but we have to admit that spring is by far our favorite season of the year. It is that time of the year when nature is changing and promising us new beginnings which are filled with new hopes and new dreams. In all honesty, the way spring becomes a palate cleanser after those long and dark winter months and inspires us to uplift our spirits, and prepares us for brand new starts is truly incredible. If life was a camera, spring would be the best filter! The time of the year when we are swooned by cherry blossoms falling at our feet, the comforting cooing of birds echoing through the neighborhoods, the days becoming sunnier and longer, the chilled air around us suddenly turning warmer and comforting, the excitement to be able to drink iced coffee once again, and the aromatic burst of flowers engulfing our senses and making us stop to smell the blooming roses. So step outside and be rewarded with a crescendo of bird song, a display of flowers bursting into colorful life, and the welcome sight of animals not seen since last year.

The feel-good sight of bees and butterflies that gives us a little taste of the bright summer to come and the dense clusters of blooming flowers when you are surrounded by hawthorn, blackthorn, or fruiting trees is enough to uplift your spirits for wedding planning 2021. When nature's confetti is filling the air and the millions of migrating birds return to their original source for the summers, we are reminded of the fact that spring is prime time for nuptials. It is easy to see why so many couples plan their wedding in the springtime, as the weather gets warmer and we are surrounded by beautiful blooms. A gorgeous spring fling can bring you an abundance of flowers from the pastel colors to the gorgeous garden-inspired details. If you are planning your wedding for 2021 or planning to host an unforgettable bridal shower in 2021, we have come up with a list of wedding planning details for our beautiful brides that is sure to help if they are planning their wedding. From unique terrarium centerpiece ideas for a really cool couple and some of the best second-hand wedding dresses for rescheduled COVID weddings to wedding color palettes that are perfect for a spring wedding and stating the importance of creating wedding websites, this comprehensive list of wedding planning will help you tick-off a few pointers from your bridal checklist.

If you are planning a spring wedding, even the most minimal details consisting of gorgeous flowers and pastel color palettes steeped in the warm weather are bound to transform your wedding venue into a gorgeous fairytale-like setting. The plethora of pretty wedding colors that are associated with a spring wedding are mostly softer shades, but that doesn't mean that it is only limited to pale pinks and powder blues. This next article from Martha Stewart Weddings brings you twenty wedding color palettes that are perfect for a spring wedding which emphasizes creative usages of more vibrant and summer approaches as a twist to traditional spring wedding colors. From working with happy hues like bright yellow and various shades of orange and pink to working with some of the intelligently placed autumn colors like purple and sage green, these color palette ideas can be unique for your spring wedding without looking too much of 'saturated fall colorscape'.

20 Wedding Color Palettes That Are Perfect for Spring

via Martha Stewart Weddings

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about weddings in 2020 and bridal fashion is no exception. This next article from The Knot has been presented for brides whose weddings have been rescheduled due to the pandemic and their original wedding dress no longer fits the vibe of the new wedding celebration plan. From covering second-hand wedding dress etiquettes to listing out some of the best second-hand wedding dresses which can be shopped for rescheduled weddings in 2021, this article also lists out some of the best second-hand wedding dresses like a bohemian mid slit gown with a relaxed fit and gauzy chiffon fabric and the popular Theia Emma gown with intricate laser-cut petals, sparkling beads, and a cream-to-pink ombré effect.

18 Second Wedding Dresses Perfect For Your Rescheduled COVID Wedding

via The Knot

Whether you believe in lucky wedding dates or not, the month of getting married can determine a lot of factors like the weather you should be expecting to the kind of wedding florals that will be available in the market. This next article from Martha Stewart Weddings weighs the months that are generally the safest for an outdoor wedding and the ones that are the riskiest. From giving out wardrobe and travel tips to the out-of-town guests based on the forecasted weather of your wedding day to having a Plan B indoor space in case the weather turns unfavorable, these tips for an outdoor wedding should be handy for every couple.

These are the Riskiest Months for an Outdoor Wedding

via Martha Stewart Weddings

We have all heard about our wedding website and how it will help you to organize and plan your wedding day better. But with the change of the wedding landscape in 2020, this Bridal Musings blog helps you to navigate planning, re-scheduling, and informing your friends and family about all the updates regarding your wedding website. This article guides how an organized wedding website can help your wedding planning become a very streamlined and well-planned experience for many reasons. From tracking RSVPs and managing or limiting plus-ones all in one place to having an exclusive COVID Wedding Calculator which will help determine if there’s a chance your wedding plans may need to be changed based on U.S. government guidelines, Joy’s website organizes all the information regarding your wedding and updates about it so you don’t have to. It also offers unlimited 'change the date' E-cards and wedding announcement banners so that your guests don’t miss those important changes if there’s anything that may be important for them to make note of.

Why Creating a Wedding Website is More Important Now Than Ever

via Bridal Musings

A unique alternative to classic wedding flower arrangements and wedding decor, terrariums have made us fall for them over all these years of wedding planning. These glass-enclosed arrangements are a great way to put natural beauty on display as they are also known to be a contained ecosystem of plant life and a micro garden. These unique and alternative centerpiece ideas for styling your reception are brought to you by the team of Brides which can be really inspiring for weddings in all seasons. From a safari-themed terrarium which is a cloche with ferns and heuchera and alliums giving away true botanical feels to severely structured vessels filled with fluffy and loose florals, these unique terrarium ideas are perfect for a modern and sophisticated reception-style event on a budget. They are a great option as an interesting alternative to house plants if you are a DIY bride.

19 Terrarium Centerpieces for the Seriously Cool Couple

via Brides

Dropping a truth bomb, editor Claire Eliza of Bridal Musing brings to you things that you should not tell brides and grooms which they will regret about their wedding. Apart from being negative and manipulative, headlines like 'Things all brides regret from their wedding' and 'Reasons why you will regret having a small wedding' are nothing but clickbait headlines and they are not okay to spark negativity about someone else's joyful event. From cutting your hair short before your wedding and how not hiring a professional makeup artist is a regretful decision to regretting not buying flowers and the cons of having a small wedding, we are all guilty about reading these articles and falling for this trap again and again. When the fact remains that when two people are madly in love and choose to get married, let us all remember that this is their celebration of union and they do not need to be bullied, guilted, and manipulated into doing things they don’t want to do.

Stop Telling Brides They’ll Regret Things About Their Wedding

via Bridal Musings

We hope you have found our wedding inspiration resources useful. Whether you are looking to hire a professional to manage all the wedding plans or you belong to the young generation who's changing the landscape of traditional weddings to the littlest of extra details, we have something special and unique in-store for brides from all walks of life. From setting the wedding budget and constructing a list of wedding day priorities to determining your style from all the trending wedding updates for 2021 and organizing the guest list, in every step of the wedding planning session, we are here to back you up with endless inspirations. You will be faced with decisions and questions, and amidst this just remember your happy ending, the person who will be waiting for you at the end of every aisle you take in life. So get started for your wedding planning session in spring with a pinch of salt and a tray of 'cherry blossom cocktail', and do not let your queen crown slip! And the season of spring brings with it the wonders of nature, all blush and pastel shades at the same time, reminding us that it’s time for new beginnings.

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