Top Engagement Photo Locations in Providence

Top Engagement Photo Locations in Providence


Top Engagement Photo Locations in Providence

ON 20, January 2021

Providence is a magical land of love and history. It holds within the stories of dramatically lit nights of the WaterFire, the charm of Victorian-style homes, vibrant food fests, and gorgeous beaches. Providence is a sheer delight when it comes to affordable engagement photography. The astounding mix of vintage and contemporary architecture, gorgeous trails, picturesque gardens, and scenic coastal sights are some things that we can never get enough of.

Whether it's the hypnotic vibe of the downtown or the electrifying buzz of the nightlifeProvidence grips you with its magnetism! From picturesque lighthouses to the scrumptious ‘quahog’, Providence provides the ultimate coastal experience. And many of these unique elements can vehemently be incorporated into your affordable Providence engagement photography! 


Your engagement photography session is a special event. It is all about you and your partner spending a day together, that is dedicated to announcing your love to the world! You would want to do it in style. In a style that speaks the language of love for both of you. A style that talks volumes about your personalities as a couple. For such a special purpose like this, you would need to shortlist your options. Following that, you could use some tricks and tips to have an unforgettable engagement photo session.


There are so many ways in which you can capture the pulse of this gorgeous city in your engagement photography on budget. While an engagement location has to be chosen carefully, timing and vibe play an equally important role. Your affordable engagement photography will either be etched in your minds forever or would set a tone for your wedding or would feature in your wedding itself! Well, to make things easier for you, we have shortlisted a few locations that are totally worth considering. 


Read on to explore more about the places that are gorgeous backdrops to romantic and affordable Providence engagement photography. 


Larz Anderson Park

This beautiful engagement location in Providence is located in the peaceful and historic city of Brookline and is just a short drive from the city. With its charming and beautiful landscape, Larz Anderson Park becomes a superb natural spot for your Providence engagement shoot. It is one of the largest parks in Brookline and offers spectacular views of the Boston skyline. It is home to a gorgeous lagoon and distinctive architectural features that offer iconic backdrops to your photographs. The showstopper - the beautiful Temple of Love! The magnificent structure is located right at the edge of the lagoon. The historic stone structure is adorned with white columns and a domed roof. The subtly flowing branches of the nearby weeping willows give it a dreamy effect for your engagement photos. The lush lawn invites you to sit and relax. You could stage a picnic for your photos by bringing along a rug or a blanket. Team it up with a picnic basket and bottle of wine. For more ideas on props, check this blog out. Walk along the tree-lined pathways and let our affordable engagement photographers capture your romance, as you both walk hand in hand. You stop for a minute and simply get adventurous with the poses and the lush background will take care of the rest! You both could sit and relax on the nearest wooden bench. This is the spot where a blanket would do wonders! Snuggle romantically with a blanket wrapped around the two of you, looking absolutely smitten by love, while our affordable and professional Providence engagement photographers capture the magical romance all around! Larz Anderson Park welcomes engagement photography in every season and offers a uniquely different vibrance for all the seasons. While spring and summer witness blooming summery colors all around, fall looks heavenly in its true elements. This Providence engagement location is full of surprises for couples who wish to shoot their engagement photography. 


Address: Larz Anderson Park, 25 Newton St, Brookline, MA 02445

Fees or Permits: None


Fort Adams

This engagement location is ideal for all kinds of couples - history buffs, art connoisseurs, nature-lovers, and adventure-seekers! Fort Adams is a world full of wonders with boundless photogenic options! For an affordable Providence engagement photography, this scenic location is totally unparalleled unlike any other. Bask in the glory of 180 years of American history, military culture, architecture, and engineering, making all a valuable part of your engagement backdrops. This massive fortress stands guard at the entrance to Narragansett Bay and predates the revolutionary war, once called, “The Rock on Which the Storm Will Beat”. A location this photogenic makes the work of your affordable and skilled engagement photographer very easy and gives them full opportunity to play with their creativity. Every inch of this engagement location is inspirational! You could stop by the charming Victorian cottage known as the Eisenhower House, which is located to the south of the Main Fort. Built in 1873 by the renowned Newport architects George Champlin Mason & Sons, the Eisenhower House has been through nearly 150 years of American history. At one time, it served as President Eisenhower’s “Summer White House” in 1958 and 1960. Explore around and reach the ‘Lost’ Fortress - just one aspect of what makes Fort Adams the most complex coastal fort in the United States. And that is exactly where the element of mystery comes in! The golden hour and sunsets at this particular location are simply breathtaking and counted as some of the most beautiful sunsets in the entire country. When you begin walking towards the scenic overlook, the magic starts to unfold. Behold the breathtaking view of Newport Harbor & Narragansett Bay. Our engagement photographers near Providence love capturing romance against this background, so be prepared for some out-of-the-world engagement photos! Post that, you could follow the Fort Adams Bay Walk for more breathtaking views of the sun setting over Conanicut Island, also known as Jamestown. Feel the time stand still as you watch boats, yachts, and cruise ships pass by, overlooking several local landmarks. Fort Adams is everything you love about New England - and everything you didn’t know you loved. Not sure of what to wear for such a culturally rich location? We recommend the whimsical white! Take a cue from Paul and Keny’s San Francisco engagement session to see what we mean. White is classy, elegant, and makes a statement without any effort! 


Address: Fort Adams, 90 Fort Adams Dr, Newport, RI 02840

Fees or Permits: Yes, a permit is required for all posed and formal photography or video recording.


Aldrich Mansion

At Aldrich Mansion, grand is thy name! For couples who want to have their engagement photography on budget and in style and pomp, this engagement location in Providence is ideal. The Aldrich Mansion has plenty of scenic landscapes and historic beauty. Every corner whispers tales of the lost times and you’ll be fascinated to know more! There are various locations in Providence that you’ll feel are totally made for you, once you discover them and Aldrich Mansion is definitely one of them! The regal magnificence, wondrous architecture, and breathtaking views of the Aldrich Mansion will make your Providence engagement photography truly magical and unforgettable. This gorgeous engagement location is located by the scenic Narragansett Bay in Warwick. This dreamland is what fairy-tale engagements are made of. Every nook and cranny of the mansion speaks of the grandeur and splendid architecture. And the breathtaking views of the bay are just icing on the cake! From its spectacular entrance, bordered by lush, rolling lawns to its beautiful interior, Aldrich Mansion exudes royalty and elegance. The gorgeous bay framing the mansion makes for one of the most majestic backgrounds that’s hard to find anywhere else. The lush lawns beside the bay stretch onto the horizon and it's all beauty as far as the eye can see! You could wear contrasting colors during your outdoor shoot like Rebecca’s deep red outfit in her garden engagement session. You could always carry another change and have different outfits for indoor photo shoots and outdoor photos. Inside, snap some romantic and artistic photos in the wide corridors, spacious halls, and the grand staircase. Stunning engagement photos await at the Aldrich Mansion, where its combination of beauty and charm is a rare find. If you are wondering about what to wear considering the grandeur of the place, check out our blog for more inspiration. 


Address: Aldrich Mansion, 836 Warwick Neck Ave, Warwick, RI 02889

Fees or Permits: $4,000 per day or any part thereof (8 hours maximum, including set-up/breakdown time)


Point Judith Lighthouse

Point Judith Lighthouse is a dreamy destination boasting charisma, character, and historical buzz that will make your engagement photographs come alive. It was built in the year 1818 and houses the octagonal, brick lighthouse. The spectacular lighthouse boldly rises out of the ground on the green lawn of a bluff bordering the blue waters of the ocean. We absolutely love the tiny, red-roofed house nestled next to the lighthouse. Our affordable engagement photographers in and around Providence love capturing this house as a backdrop as it brings a spark of vibrancy and simply lights up the photos. The weathered lighthouse adds the element of history to your engagement photos, giving them even more visual interest and texture. We love the magic that historical structures create timeless and precious! You both could indulge in a leisurely walk with your partner, down to the pebbly beach, and enjoy the colors where the blue meets the sandy and multi-colored stone textures of the ground beneath your feet. You could simply sit on the rocks and see how the sun, sky, water, and land work together in tandem to create the most stunning photos of all times! Walk and explore around and you’ll get to a blooming luscious garden. The lush garden is an epic spot for sweeping views and classic New England imagery. Its rich variety of texture and color makes the Point Judith Lighthouse a fantastic spot for engagement photography in Providence- you’ll love the memories captured here. You could also stay till the golden hour for the photographers to capture the hues of the sunset all around you. For more inspiration, check out Jessica and Kyle’s golden hour engagement session in Austin.


Address: Point Judith Lighthouse, 1470 Ocean Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882

Fees or Permits: None


Narragansett Town Beach

Our favorite, the beaches, in and around Providence mesmerize you with their scenic beauty, tempting the nature-lover inside you to explore more! We simply can’t get enough of the photo ops that the beaches of Providence have to offer. Adding one more to the list, Narragansett Town Beach is the perfect place for Providence engagement photography. The sparkling white sands, endless expanse of turquoise ocean waters, and vibrant coral reefs make Narragansett Town Beach an epitome of natural beauty. Sprinkle some fascinating mix of adventurous activities, and you have the ideal seaside getaway for an engagement session. The beach is also great to spend a day out with your partner and get away from the city madness and daily grind. This quaint town is home to a pair of 19th-century towers spanning the main road downtown. The entire vibe adds a historic sense to your Providence engagement photos. Narragansett Town Beach has a small-town feel. Home to super friendly locals, gorgeous architecture, spectacular sunsets, and even more gorgeous sunrises, the Narragansett Town Beach is a picture-perfect haven for couples. Our Providence engagement photographers on a budget would love to capture your romance against the spectacular views all around, as the fresh sea breeze plays with your hair. You could add a fun element to the photo session and run around with your partner along the sandy beach. You can dance or pose for intimate photos, and our affordable and excellent engagement photographers in Providence would love to capture all the adorable moments and the in-betweens! How about adding your doggo to your engagement session fun? Here are ways in which you can get your dog featured in the engagement photos. We simply love outdoor locations for engagement photography. It provides a great mix of natural light, scenic beauty, and romance! Here are some ideas on how to make the most of your outdoor engagement photo sessions. You could carry various props to make your photoshoot more interesting. Maybe something to signify your first meeting. It’ll be a great idea to have that place be of some significance in your engagement photography. However, if that’s not possible, then how about including those things which make you reminiscent of your first meeting? Like those clothes you were wearing that day, or maybe a cup of coffee to signify your first date? Or even that book or newspaper that you were reading when you first saw your partner? The possibilities are endless! For more engagement photoshoot inspiration check out our blog. 


Address: Narragansett Town Beach, 39 Boston Neck Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882

Fees or Permits: The admission fee is $8 (subject to change), opens seasonally - visit the website for more information


Please note that permits and fees are subject to change. Please confirm the policies with the location before planning your session.

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