Rosa & Herber’s Providence Engagement Session Overlooking Narragansett Bay!

Rosa & Herber’s Providence Engagement Session Overlooking Narragansett Bay!


Rosa & Herber’s Providence Engagement Session Overlooking Narragansett Bay!

ON 28, April 2021

Herbert just popped the question. And without even waiting for a second, Rosa said yes! This blog is all about Herbert and Rosa and their utterly romantic fall engagement session in the charming city of Providence

Talking about photography locations in Providence, this lovely and incredible city is a gem in the crown of Rhode Island when it comes to mind-blowing photo locations! The options are endless for a couple to choose from. From scenic and panoramic parks to oceans, every corner of this lovely city is brimming with endless lovely elements offering mesmerizing photography opportunities! Featuring endless gorgeous corners, within walking distance, we can assure you that you can go from a chic industrial background to a historic look to picturesque water views without traveling much of a distance! Each season in this alluring city of Providence brings a different kind of feel and vibe to each and every location, but the iconic orange and red buildings, the outstanding glass structures, and the changing trees always give engagement or wedding photos a wow factor that no professional photographer can ever replicate anywhere else in the world!  

Now that Rosa and Herbert are engaged and all set to announce their love for each other in the presence of all their loved ones, it was our affordable wedding photographers who captured stunning engagement photographs that made their engagement portfolio a cut above the rest! If you ask us, we believe that there is a lot to love about engagement photos. No wonder engagement photographs serve an endless purpose. Couples can send them out to announce the news, or can include them in the invitations for an engagement party, or even put them in a photo album to look back on for years to come! No matter what purpose you are looking ahead with your engagement photos, all we just want to say is that just like Rosa and Herbert you should also make the most of your appointment, to ensure that you will love all your engagement photos forever

Rosa and Herbert chose the perfect time of the year for their engagement photography session! The fall season. Nothing in the world can ever beat the excitement, charm, and romance of getting all primed up in those gorgeous and glamorous fall colors and getting the perfect engagement photos clicked! Without any doubt, fall is the perfect season to have fun and ardent engagement photo sessions, as the falling leaves exude a soft and tender touch of romance. While the air smells of nothing but true and eternal love! Rosa and Herbert’s engagement photography session had everything in it! Surrounded by crisp orangish-red hues and warm earthy tones, Rosa and Herbert looked like a match made in heaven to our talented Providence engagement photographers. The fall season is a muse for our wedding photographers in Providence! They can never have enough of doing couple portrait sessions, especially during the fall season! With the leaves changing into brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange, Rosa and Herbert had an incredible backdrop for their outdoor engagement photography session

For their enchanting and romantic engagement photography session, they selected Quidnessett Country Club! The Quidnessett Country Club is a large and elegant space nestled along the beautiful and charming Narragansett Bay! Gracefully situated in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, this lovely and amazing space offers a relaxing and secluded setting for an iconic engagement and wedding photography session! On their engagement photography day, Rosa and Herbert were surrounded by vibrant fairways, dotted by tall and towering, and stately trees! Our creative and talented Providence wedding photographers had a bucket full of lovely backdrops where they captured amazing photos of Rosa and Herbert sharing romantic and tender moments together! 

The fall season is indeed that time of the year when it is only about vibrant colors in the background. Beautiful and dynamic colors as the leaves everywhere start to change. Cute, cozy outfits when it is chilly outside, but not bitter cold! Therefore, couples need to make sure that they are choosing an outfit that will not only showcase their personality in the best way possible but will also look breathtaking in front of the camera lens! For an ideal fall engagement photography session, couples should cautiously choose their outfits as we don’t want the splendid and soul-calming colors that mother nature has to offer to clash with the clothes they pick for the engagement photoshoot! If you are looking out for some of the options that you can consider for your upcoming fall engagement portfolio, you can choose any color from dark to light! And our amazing and adorable couple, Rosa and Herbert just chose the all-time trending color. For her engagement photoshoot, Rosa wore a black round-neck skinny crop top and fashionably paired it with a chic black and white polka dot full midi skater skirt! She paired her complete glam and diva look with an open toe, thin ankle strap with high polish buckle closure, and pointed black heels. From head to toe, Rosa was looking nothing but sexy and magnificent! Rosa kept her wavy hair open and side-parted. A little tint of blush on her rosy cheeks and that power red lipstick made her overall look stunning and breathtaking! As it was an engagement photography session, how can we forget her ring? The single studded diamond ring on her beautiful finger (we must say her nails were beautifully manicured!) just looked perfect! Her nails painted with cherry red nail paint said a lot about her! Her complete attire did reflect that Rosa was fierce, confident, but indeed a romantic woman, who is head over heels in love with her sweetheart- Herbert! While Rosa was looking out of the ordinary, Herbert looked like the man of every girl’s dream!

For his engagement photoshoot session, Herbert went for the classic combination of black and gray! He wore a crisp jet black shirt and paired it gracefully with gray formal pants! He tied his entire look together for the day with black suspenders and belt along with casual slip-on black loafers. Not to forget his lavish watch and that charming gray fedora hat adorned with black strip! Our engagement photographers in and around Providence loved the stunning combination of a black shirt and gray dress pants as this handsome combination made Herbert look more elegant and sharp! We were just not able to stop gushing over Herbert, so just think about what impact his look had over Rosa on their engagement photography day! This heart-throbbing hunk and our sexy and elegant soon-to-be bride was one of the perfect matches that took our Providence wedding photographers’ hearts away in just a blink of an eye! 

The day of Rosa and Herbert’s engagement photography session was bright and beautiful! While the glow of the sun was soft and romantic, the fall foliage in the background was successful in creating a dramatic and striking backdrop for a fantastic photography session! Our Providence suburbs wedding photographers started their day by capturing a very romantic couple portrait of Rosa and Herbert standing against a tunnel! The way Rosa put her arms around Herbert’s neck and he was holding her by the waist, made our photographers swoon over them! Together they just looked adorable! 

Rosa and Herbert did not leave any stone unturned to make their Quidnessett Country Club engagement photo session unforgettable! They had a great time exploring the hidden and untouched corners of the Quidnessett Country Club and our creative and professional Providence wedding photographers captured them in those perfect frames! That adorable picture where Herbert was kissing Rosa’s head while she was looking away was one of the favorite portraits of our professional Providence engagement photographers! Our wedding photographers in the Providence suburbs not only captured long shots with stunning backgrounds, but they also captured beautiful close-up shots where the never-ending love and romance were clearly visible in both Rosa and Herbert’s eyes! 

From formal poses to romantic and cliche poses, Rosa and Herbert were sure a daring and fun couple to capture. From standing next to each other on the giant stairs and looking deep into each other’s eyes to Rosa sitting on his darling’s lap and kissing him while being carefree, showed that Rosa and Herbert’s love knew no boundaries! They also brought in some props to add to their engagement portfolio! The beautiful signboard that mentioned their wedding date and engagement date along with their name held by our love birds was something worth capturing! The best reason for hiring our photographers for capturing a wedding ceremony or engagement is that they won’t miss out on any detail. Even the smallest detail will be captured gracefully by our talented team of wedding photographers! 

Rosa and Herbert found a cozy corner overlooking the Narragansett Bay where they posed for endless romantic photos. Kissing each other, sitting close to each other, lost in the moment, and much more. Our Providence suburbs engagement photographers captured every moment of Rosa and Herbert’s love! 


Apart from the signboard, Rosa and Herbert also brought a big white square-shaped cushion saying ‘LOVE’ in capital letters which made their engagement photography session more alive and personalized! Rosa and Herbert kept that cute cushion next to themselves on the stairs while sitting close to each other which automatically created a picture-perfect frame for our Providence engagement photographers to snapshot soulful pictures of Rosa and Herbert! That cushion with the ‘LOVE’ sign was enough to flaunt the tender and endless love between the two cupid-struck people! 

Another picture that was a favorite amongst our photographers was the one where Herbert dipped Rosa down for a romantic kissing pose! Let us tell you that this specific pose is very much trending on Instagram and Pinterest! That specific photo of Rosa with Herbert kissing holding her in his arms looked nothing but a romantic movie poster! Every element in that photo was perfectly synchronized! From color combination to the background setting, everything was perfect! Moving ahead, Rose and Herbert posed for many smiling photos where we can easily see their smiling faces with white shining teeth (excuse the pun!). 

There was a beautiful rustic bench overlooking the gleaming waters of Narragansett Bay. Rosa and Herbert made the best of that view! Our wedding photographers in and around Providence captured various shots including the close-up ones! The yellow, red, and orange color in the background with the scenic setting of waters lent a romantic and alluring backdrop for their engagement photos! Rosa and Herbert were complimenting each other in every possible way! From the well-coordinated color of their dress to the smile they were carrying on their faces, everything was so fantastic and mind-blowing that it could make anyone’s hearts skip a beat! 

Rosa and Herbert walked for a while on the cobblestone pavement that gave our wedding photographers various opportunities to capture some last shots before they called it a day to remember! No doubt, Herbet looked dashing with his hat on too! While the day was coming to the end and the sun was all set to say goodbye, Rosa and Herbert made the best of the golden hour moment! Capturing two souls deeply, madly, and truly in love with each other especially during the sunset golden hour was like a dream come true for our Providence wedding photographers! These two so much in love couples looked utterly magnificent when the soft glow of the sun reflected from their faces. Rosa and Herbert’s bright smile was enough to light up anyone’s day in the best way possible! Indeed our Providence wedding and engagement photographers had an excellent time capturing Rosa and Herbert’s engagement photography session at Quidnessett Country Club. The day was memorable not only for the soon-to-be-married couple but for us too! 

So, if you are also all set to smile with your sweetheart for the camera, you can always check out Rosa and Herbert’s engagement portfolio on our website to get some sweet and inspiring ideas! Because we believe that Rosa and Herbert’s engagement photos will have you wishing for a classic and unforgettable autumn proposal!

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