Personal Ways to Fulfill the Tradition Something Borrowed

ON 18, December 2020


If you are a soon-to-be-bride, then we are pretty sure that you have heard the saying a zillionth times before- ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe’ (luckily, a sixpence is not an easy currency to come by, so you don’t have to stress much about sticking something in your footwear, so relax and focus on other four!). This popular and Victorian English rhyme originated as a British wedding tradition, but has continued on for many couples and weddings, to date! Each element in this beautiful phrase represents a sort of good luck charm for the bride to carry onto with her when she is all set to begin the new journey of her life as a wife! Yes, we know it is a tad bit old-fashioned, but you know what it is and how it works! In fact, we believe that it is something very special and beautiful!

Amongst all the five elements, the sentimental feeling behind ‘something borrowed’ really pulls in our heartstrings! No bride in this world loves nothing more than the idea of borrowing something from a happily and deeply-in-love married couple that she admires as the guiding force of her own union! So, when we talk about ‘something borrowed’, the most traditional ideas that fall under the category of ‘something borrowed’ usually include a mother’s veil, a pair of wedding shoes, a beautiful clutch, or even your grandparent’s handkerchiefs! But if you are looking ahead to add something out-of-box to the list of your ‘something borrowed’ then congratulations this blog is for you! In this blog, you will find all the non-traditional elements that you can add to your list of ‘something borrowed’. As ‘something borrowed’ doesn’t always mean that you have to borrow some physical items!


Wedding Attire

The most popular and also one of the easiest things to incorporate a ‘something borrowed’ into your wedding is through your wedding dress! With the popularity of vintage and historic weddings, what is old can be new again for you if your mother or beautiful grandmother still has her stunning wedding gown. Borrowing your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress is a great way for you to see if it is something you can fall in love with and slay it like a queen just the way your mother or your grandmother did on her wedding day! 


When we are talking about the wedding attire, we do not necessarily mean a perfect wedding gown, when it comes to ‘something borrowed’ for your wedding attire it surely can be a wedding dress but it can also be the wedding veil that your mother or grandmother wore on their wedding day! As brides usually tend to preserve their wedding veils, which will surely give you endless options to choose from! You can also think of wearing the beautiful shoes of your best friend down the aisle! Not only brides but grooms also could follow this tradition. For an instance, they can also consider tucking the pocket square of their father or grandfather in their elegant wedding suit! Nothing is more touching and precious than reusing a part of a special day of your beloved family member at your own wedding! 


Beautiful Lace

Wrapping a piece of beautiful and elegant lace from your mother’s or grandmother’s bouquet around your wedding bouquet or sewing it to your wedding dress is another sweet way of adding ‘something borrowed’ to your wedding! This way you will be able to include your family in a unique way that will be surely meaningful to you! Apart from your mother or grandmother, you can consider borrowing lace from your best friend who either recently got married or is all set to step into the phase of motherhood to add to your wedding ceremony! This is surely a great way to pay tribute to your best friend and make her believe that you can make through the best day of your life without her being by your side! If the lace is vintage or antique, it will be a gorgeous way to add to the list of your ‘something borrowed’! You can also consider adding that beautiful and lovely lace to your wedding veil, or to your handkerchief


Who says that laces are meant for brides only! Gone are the days when only brides used to use laces as their ‘something borrowed’ element. Nowadays, grooms are no way behind in the league. They are also getting experimental and making the best use of borrowed lace! These days grooms are adding lace to their pocket square or wrapping them around their boutonniere


If by any chance you are not in the mood to wear or carry the lace, you can always add to your wedding decor! Like, if you have an expansive table, you can always use the lace as the table runner or you can choose to use it on a display table or as part of the decor for your head table, as it will elevate your wedding photos captured by our professional and affordable wedding photographers!


Elegant Jewelry

One of the most traditional and common ideas of ‘something borrowed’ is to wear a fine and elegant piece of jewelry from a family or friend! When we talk about borrowing jewelry it goes for both the bride and the groom! You can borrow earringsringspendantnecklacesbraceletscufflinks, and other accessories from your best friends, mother, siblings, grandparents, and if you have a precious family heirloom that has been a part of the family for generations, then nothing is more perfect and better than that! Wearing or carrying one of those precious gems on your wedding day will surely make your wedding portfolio a cut above the rest. Apart from the wedding photography perspective, carrying or wearing these little baubles will bring so much meaning to your wedding! 


Though borrowing a piece of jewelry for your wedding day is the most common way of adding ‘something borrowed’ to your wedding but it is also a very good way of bringing nostalgia back to your wedding! These beautiful and majestic pieces are often highly sentimental and make the significance of your wedding day really hit home as you put them on before you get married.


Precious Rings

No matter what you have planned on adding to your ‘something borrowed’ list, borrowing the rings of a couple who inspired you is something like you are literally borrowing the symbol of their love and eternal love! 


Using the rings of another couple you admire the most and who always resonated with your own love story is surely a beautiful and symbolic way of carrying their love with you throughout your wedding day! When we say you can borrow the ring, we do not mean that you have to wear it around your fingers, you can either tie that shining gem to your wedding bouquet or can wear it on a silk ribbon around your neck like a ring necklace (if you are Gossip Girl fan then we are sure you can perfectly resonate with Blair Waldorf’s ring necklace).Grooms also can simply get that sparkly gem sewed into their suit pocket! No matter what way you are thinking of adding that ring to your wedding, it will always make a statement and will give endless possibilities to our talented and affordable wedding photographers to capture mind-blowing wedding photos! 


If by any chance the ring you are thinking of borrowing for your wedding day belongs to family or friends who have passed away, you may use them as your own during the ring exchange moment of your wedding ceremony! 


Eye-Catching Hair Accessories

How about borrowing some amazing and latest hair accessories from your bestie who just recently got married? Isn’t that a wonderful idea! Think of all those beautiful headpieces, hair clips, and yes, even the gorgeous and breathtaking tiaras! Without any doubt, adding some fine and elegant hair accessories to the idea of your ‘something borrowed’ is something every bride should consider for her wedding day. After all, which bride doesn’t want a hairstyle that sets new trends for all the soon-to-be-married brides!


Hearty Wedding Vows

Don’t be amazed! Hold on! We are not advising you to completely copy another couple’s wedding vows. All we are saying is just think of stealing a line or two from someone very near and dear to your heart and have it penned down for your own wedding! Though apart from borrowing some wedding vows from your loved ones’ wedding vows, you can get clues from your favorite authors, songwriters, and poets as well! 


Soulful Songs

When we say ‘something borrowed’ we actually never mean that you and your partner have to wear something or have to carry a tangible object to bring all the good luck charm in the world to your wedding and to your married life! We always adore the idea of borrowing something for your wedding day but borrowing the songs for your first dance moment from the couple you admire the most is something new and trendy! Borrowing their first dance song and playing it during your first dance moment is a fantastic way for you to show them how much their marriage and their love has inspired you! As an added bonus, borrowing the couple’s first dance song is also a fabulous way to remind the two souls who are deeply, madly, and truly in love with each item of their own wedding day! With this, we foresee no dry eyes in the house.


However, if you and your partner are already through with the songs for your first dance moment, you can always choose to add the songs that you have borrowed from other couples to your wedding ceremony in various other ways! Like you can always add the instrumental version of the very same song while you both exchange your wedding rings or while you make your grand walk down the aisle! This lets you walk into your life as a married couple with that reminder, and it’s a fun way to add even more personality to your special day.


Beautiful Tableware

Who says you can’t have ‘something borrowed’ for your tableware? Obviously, you can and we think you should if you have any reminiscing memories of you sitting down with your grandmother on a table for holiday dinners where she had pulled out her favorite and luxurious China set! We are pretty sure that you can always add those sweet moments to your wedding day just by simply using your family’s vintage and really expensive and traditional dishes in your wedding decor! However, there might be chances that you won’t have enough space on every table for your entire wedding reception to flaunt the borrowed tablewares, but on the contrary, you can always use them at your head table, or just for you as the couple! However you choose to utilize antique tableware, you'll have a beautiful and memorable "something borrowed" at your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.


Apart from your grandmother’s gorgeous and stunning silver or China ware, you can always ask your other friends and relatives to see if by any chance they also have something like the cloth napkins and trinkets which you can borrow and elevate the decor of your wedding table for beautiful wedding photos. As decked out tablescapes are definitely in and are an eye-treat for our professional team of wedding photographers! By adding all these borrowed items to your wedding, we are sure that your wedding table will have a heck of a personality attached to it!



Wedding dresses, veils, rings, vows, and even songs everything is quite common when it comes to ‘something borrowed’ for a wedding! But there is another unique way to add that ‘something borrowed’ vibe to your wedding is with your wedding cake! All you have to do is simply choose your family’s favorite recipe of a classic cake that usually your dear grandmother used to bake, or even you can tell your confectioner to use the same recipe or flavors your parents had at their own wedding! Although, if you and your sweetheart have already set your hearts on a specific cake design, recipe, and flavor, still you can always consider borrowing the cake knife from a friend or a family member. As traditionally, many couples usually keep their cake knives from their wedding day. 


Your Memorable Getaway Vehicle

grand and memorable wedding exit is something every couple is always anticipated and excited about! A great send-off is usually the thing that makes a wedding unforgettable! Once the beautiful fireworks or sparklers are lit, or the glittering confetti has been thrown, all a couple wants a grand getaway in style! Therefore, borrowing a beautiful and vintage car or other adorned ride will be another exclusive and unique way of adding something to the ‘something borrowed’ list! 

No matter whose element you end up choosing for your ‘something borrowed’, all we want to say is that just make sure that you are making the most of the tradition by ensuring that your choice is really special and meaningful to you, to your partner, to your unique love story, and lastly to your happy journey!

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