Chelsea & Tyler’s Valentine’s Day Inspired Wedding in Philadelphia

ON 12, February 2021


Valentine’s Day is that time or we say that week of the year when it’s all about love. The literal phrase ‘love is in the air’ actually comes true. Couples all around the world celebrate love. Valentine’s Day celebrates love, and your wedding celebrates your love. So, why not play a perfect role of cupid or a matchmaker and pair the two to create an extra-special celebration? And this is what our adorable and head over heels in love Philadelphia couple- Chelsea and Tyler did! They had their wedding day near the most romantic time of the year and used this ultra-special time to maximize their romance in the beautiful city of Philadelphia! The great and unique union of this lovely couple gave our professional and affordable wedding photographers in Philadelphia endless opportunities to capture stunning wedding photographs brimming with romance and love!

For their extraordinary, romantic, and Valentine’s Day-inspired wedding, they chose Tyler Arboretum for their wedding ceremony and lavish wedding reception. Well talking about romantic wedding venues in Philadelphia, then trust us, the options are endless. Affectionately also known as Philly or The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia is believed to be the largest city in Pennsylvania. Without any doubt, it means that the options for all the newly engaged couples who are planning to get hitched in this beautiful and historic city are abundant! Every corner of this alluring and whimsical city is filled with a rich history that many couples choose to add to their wedding. Even a little tint of historic or vintage vibe makes a wedding portfolio a cut above the rest. And our professional wedding photographers in Philadelphia always lookout to capture something unique and out of the ordinary!

Do you know that Philadelphia has played a significant role in colonial America? If not, then you must Google it up and read it. Trust us, it’s very fascinating! Anyways, coming back to Chelsea and Tyler’s Philadelphia wedding, so in one word it was unforgettable! Philly undoubtedly has plenty of sights and mesmerizing attractions and picturesque wedding venues that appeal to couples from different states to come and tie the knot in this enchanting city! From stunning Lemon Hill Mansion and Stotesbury Mansion to panoramic Bartram’s Garden and Christ Church, all soon-to-be-married couples will find a plethora of historic venues for any type of wedding without much stress and hard work! But our adorable and madly in love couple- Chelsea and Tyler chose Tyler Arboretum for their big and special day!

Full of effortless natural beauty, Tyler Arboretum lends a whimsical and quintessential backdrop for any kind of wedding. Set on panoramic 650 acres of rolling woodlands and meadows, this unique and charming Philadelphia wedding venue offers boundless charm and romance! It is always said that a wedding venue is a reflection of couples’ personality and their choices of interest!

Just like every other couple, Chelsea and Tyler were unique in their own way! While documenting their wedding day, our affordable and professional Philly wedding photographers felt that they are amongst those couples who have endless love for natural beauty and Mother Earth! The idea of celebrating their wedding in a place that surrounds them in natural beauty actually excites them and it’s clearly reflecting in all their wedding photos!

Their wedding day was bright with clear blue sky and endless sunshine, which was enough to make everyone glow. Our talented wedding photographers started documenting Chelsea and Tyler’s wedding day in the best of frames! Our Philly photographers started documenting their perfect day with the beautiful wedding ring bands that were placed right next to a wooden box saying “zero months until ‘I Do’. ” Those beautiful wedding ring bands were one of the ways Chelsea and Tyler mentioned that they are all set to step into the next chapter of their unique and romantic love story! Our Philadelphia suburbs wedding photographers have a keen eye for small details. They never miss out on any detail and likewise, they captured the lovely pearl bracelets that Chelsea got for her adorable flower girls. The thing that caught our photographer’s attention was the cute heart-shaped locket with flower girl mentioned over it. We can assure you that Chelsea was so much in love with her flower girls that she got personalized hand jewelry for her cuties to wear on her wedding day! Chelsea also got a lovely head crown made of white flowers and ribbons for her little flower girls.

A wedding portfolio is incomplete without some cliched or we say must-have wedding pictures of the bride’s beautiful wedding dress before she slips into it. Our wedding photographers took the advantage of the outdoors and captured Chelsea’s beautiful wedding dress with stunning backgrounds. Her radiating white wedding dress was nothing but alluring. The flawless combination of this body-hugging and flowing wedding gown made Chelsea look nothing but a Disney princess. Her wedding dress was crafted with utmost care and dedication and was made from tulle and lace inlays! The upper part of her wedding dress had an illusion floral lace bodice with a deep-plunged V-neckline so that she could easily flaunt her highlighted collar bones in the best way possible! The open back and sleeves of this flowing wedding gown and the chapel train added ultra-romantic touches to her entire bridal look! Her wedding dress was perfect for her to rock her bridal look. It had all the elements, a little bit of sexiness followed by an abundance of glamor! In short, Chelsea slayed in her wedding gown in the best of the way! Our wedding photographers captured a couple of artsy photos of her wedding dress on a hanger amidst the greenery offered by the Tyler Arboretum wedding venue as the setting made the bright white of her wedding dress pop!

Followed by Chelsea’s wedding gown, our photographers also took a beautiful picture of her flower girl’s dress. Her little cute dress was something to lose heart to! A full tulle strappy skirt with yellow-colored flowers and adorned with white beads was perfect for her adorable and little flower girl to twirl into!

Comin back to Chelsea, our talented wedding photographers creatively captured her getting-ready mirror shots in the best of the frames. For her wedding day hairdo, she went for half-up braided style. Her double-layered, fishtail braided crown that wraps around the top half of the head gave her a little messy yet elegant hairdo for her wedding day bridal look. The rest of her hair was hung free for a more glamorous look! Her hairdo was adorned with a white flower bridal crown which added some extra wow factor to her overall look! Before she slipped into her white radiating wedding dress, she took out some time to have a little fun-filled wedding party photography session! Chelsea’s bridesmaids were looking stunning in their purple floral robes while she looked like a beautiful flower in her white floral robe! As her wedding day was inspired by Valentine’s Day, her bridesmaids made sure that her wedding photos had endless shades of pink and purple. Because we all know that these colors are almost synonymous with Valentine’s Day! Chelsea and her bridesmaids caught our photographer’s attention when they all posed with drinking cans matching up with their robes with the mention of their names! Yes, every bridesmaid’s can had her name engraved over it, and so did Chelsea’s! Our professional wedding photographers captured various shots, including some close-ups too, before Chelsea and her bridesmaids went inside to get ready for the wedding ceremony!

Coming inside, Chelsea slipped into her beautiful and stunning wedding dress, while her bridesmaids slipped into a deep-plunge halter V-neckline ruby pink long dress. Her bridesmaids helped her with the last-minute touch-ups and accessories including earrings! Once she was ready from head to toe, there came the most-awaited moment for everyone even for our affordable wedding photographers. Chelsea walked down the stairs like a queen and there was her adorable daddy standing at the bottom to witness her princess in her most beautiful look! That was a moment our photographers can never miss! When her father saw his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time it was surely a moment to be memorable. Our wedding photographers were lucky enough to catch a tear and two also! Though her look also brought a priceless expression on the face of all her bridesmaids! Which was surely exciting for our wedding photographers to capture in frame-worthy pictures!

After she had shared some beautiful first look moments with her father and her bridesmaids, she took out some alone time and cherished the beautiful handwritten letter she got from Tyler before their wedding ceremony. Reading the letter, she smiled and laughed, and our wedding photographer captured the emotions of her reading the letter to herself!

Well, before Chelsea walked down the aisle, she posed for some formal photographs with her lovely ladies who were looking stunning and sexy all at once. Well, on the other side, it was the turn of our handsome groom and his dapper groomsmen to make some appearance in front of our wedding photographers! Just like Chelsea’s bridesmaids, Tyler’s groomsmen also looked dapper in coordinated parchment colored pantsuits with burgundy ties and tan brown shoes! Well, talking about Tyler, he surely gave a tough competition to Chelsea (seriously!). He looked nothing but the man of every girl's dream! For his wedding day, he decided to go for a parchment colored pants suit with a dark gray colored waistcoat. He coupled his suit with a crisp white shirt and burgundy colored bow tie. His tan brown shoes gracefully complemented his overall groom look from head to toe. Neatly parted hair, rugged beard look, and hazel green eyes of Tyler was something a girl could lose her heart to him instantly! Our Philly wedding photographers certainly took some closeups of Tyler and trust us he was looking nothing but alluringly charming and handsome!

Chelsea and Tyler opted to have an outdoor wedding ceremony on the grounds of Tyler Arboretum with a rustic vibe! Their wedding decor was more of DIYed style. There were several wooden boards with beautiful and romantic messages that not only announced their union but also added extra rustic charm to their Philadelphia wedding! Before anyone arrived for the wedding ceremony, our wedding photographer took the moment and framed the ceremony set-up! The photo here itself showed that their wedding ceremony looked like a perfectly designed wedding altar with everything in white, green, and brown!

Now there came the most-awaited moment of the day. Chelsea walked down the aisle with her father by her side. Both were looking very adorable together. Seeing Chelsea coming his way, Tyler's face was lit with all the happiness, love, and excitement! Just behind Chelsea, was her flower girl. That adorable cute little creature walked down the path holding her daddy’s hand and grabbed everyone's attention for a while!

The moment Chelsea reached the wedding altar, the very first thing Tyler did was kissed her and made himself believe that it was not a dream. It was a beautiful reality of his life! They both had their precious and memorable ‘I do’ moments in the presence of all their loved ones. During their wedding ceremony, our Philadelphia wedding photographers got the chance to capture the look of pure happiness and bliss while Tyler and Chelsea exchanged their wedding vows! After they were pronounced wed and seal, Tyler didn’t waste any minute and had his first kiss with his beautiful wife. After which they both held hands and walked down the aisle together as the happily married couple.

Chelsea and Tyler ventured the well-manicured grounds of the Tyler Arboretum and posed in every corner of the space. They posed romantically and all kissing against a beautiful rustic white door adorned with sunflowers and with a signboard saying forever and ever! They kissed, held hands, hugged, and laughed against this beautiful backdrop and gave endless wedding photography opportunities to our wedding photographers to capture. Tyler and Chelsea also posed with their lovely and little munchkin flower girl (that was the moment when everybody went awww so cute)!

After that adorable little princess made her exit from the frame, it was Chelsea’s bridesmaids and Tyler’s groomsmen who took her place in the frame. They posed for endless photographs with ‘the couple of the day’. And there was a moment when the little flower girl again made her appearance in the wedding photos along with bridesmaids and groomsmen! They all surrounded that little angel and our wedding photographer captured all those beautiful moments of love and joy in the best of frames!

Chelsea and her bridesmaids posed for a cliche picture where they all flaunted their beautiful matching toe ring anklets. It was surely a beautiful picture of her bridesmaids (all of their feet were beautiful and manicured!). After which, our wedding photographer took out some time alone with our beautiful bride, Chelsea to capture some detailed and candid bridal portraits for her wedding photo book! She looked nothing but eye candy while holding that lovely white-flowered bridal bouquet against the green panorama!

As the day was about to end, the time came for the most-awaited moment, Chelsea and Tyler’s wedding reception. They chose to have their wedding reception under the exotic and exquisite tented space that offered the best of both worlds. Beautifully adorned with string lights and white curtains, their wedding reception space was really mesmerizing! Before their wedding guests poured in and began breaking it down on the dance floor, our wedding photographers in and around Philadelphia took all the photos of the set-up and details of the reception space in beautiful picture frames! Just like themselves, Chelsea and Tyler did something a little out of the ordinary and transformed their typical guest book into a memorable pictorial album for all their wedding guests to sign! Our professional Philadelphia wedding photographers took pictures of that photo guest book before their guests completed it!

Their Philadelphia wedding reception started with Chelsea and her father's first dance moment. For our wedding photographers, there is nothing more wonderful to capture than the bride and her dad dancing at the start of the night. On the other hand, Tyler shared some beautiful dance moves with her lovely mother and our photographer captured them in beautiful frames! After they both had shared dance moves with their parents, it was their turn for them to share some choreographed moves and spins with each other. Our professional and talented wedding photographer took a beautiful photo of Chelsea and Tyler dancing to a meaningful song that will be something they will remember forever! They both ended their beautiful and memorable night on a sweet note. Their three-tiered wedding cake garnished with a red rose made a remarkable statement! The design, the details, and even the layers of the icing were elegantly displayed and will be remembered in the photo captured by our professional wedding photographers.

Chelsea and Tyler’s wedding was a beautiful and memorable experience for our wedding photographers to capture all the shades of love and happiness in the picture-worthy frames! It was indeed a very romantic wedding full of beautiful colors of love!

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