Laura & Aaron’s Romantic Spring Kansas City Affair!

Laura & Aaron’s Romantic Spring Kansas City Affair!


Laura & Aaron’s Romantic Spring Kansas City Affair!

ON 20, April 2021


Without any doubt, love is definitely one of the trickiest emotions on the earth to explain in words especially! It is something that a person feels and lives with. It is something beyond the butterflies, it hits differently for everyone! If you ask us, we just want to say that everyone should fall in love for at least once in their lifetime and experience the true charm and magic of it! But there is one thing about love that it brings two people closer for the rest of their lives. And when talking about love, the next thing that binds those two people who deeply, madly, and truly are in love with each other is the wedding.

A wedding is a thread or we say that priceless ritual that has the power to bind two souls together for the rest of their lives. It is like till death do them apart! Talking about love and wedding, we can never have enough of our head over heels in love with each other couple- Laura and Aaron. Words are not enough to tell how incredible and adorable Laura and Aaron looked together on their wedding day! Boy, talk about two people who clearly belong together! Their wedding photographs clicked by our affordable wedding photographers are proof of their never-ending love.

For their big and special day, Laura and Aaron chose The Beck Event Space. This incredible Kansas City wedding venue speaks for itself! The Beck Event Space wedding venue is the perfect example where historic charm meets the modern and luxurious amenities! It is always a treat for our professional wedding photographers to document a wedding at this iconic vintage wedding venue in Kansas City. With so much to capture in the beautiful frames, the Kansas City wedding venue filled Laura and Aaron's wedding portfolio with all the elements that will make you fall short of words! The moment you will step on the grounds of this charming and alluring historic wedding venue you will instantly fall head over heels in love with the grandeur and charisma of the property! We can assure you that you will fall in love with the 1915 historic brick building in no time!

Gracefully situated in the Historic Harrisonville Square District, The Beck Event Space lends a brand of charm that only comes with age! So, for all the couples who are looking for a historic and vintage wedding venue with a twist of an industrial vibe, this is the place for your wedding day! Constructed in 1915 and artistically refurbished in 2017, The Beck Event Space wedding venue boasts a large open main floor, high vaulted ceilings, original and authentic exposed brickwork, and stunning architectural features that make this fantastic wedding venue one-of-a-kind! A wedding at this glorious wedding venue will be something out-of-the-ordinary and will also leave an everlasting impression on the hearts and minds of all your wedding guests! And maybe that is one of the reasons why Laura and Aaron chose this wedding venue for their wedding day, to make a remarkable statement!

Well, talking about Laura and Aaron’s wedding day, it was a beautiful day with a pleasant atmosphere. The golden glow of the sun was illuminating the entire ambiance making it more romantic and inviting! And being a wedding photography company, we know how important it is for Laura to get every minute detail of her wedding day to be captured in the best of frames! Our wedding photographers in Kansas City started their day by capturing Laura’s beautiful shiny golden heels creatively placed next to her studded earrings and a cute single diamond rose-gold-colored wedding ring! The golden color of her pointed heels and the rose-gold color of her earrings and wedding ring made the frame more sparkly and romantic for our Kansas City professional wedding photographers to capture!

The next thing that our Kansas City suburbs wedding photographers focused on was her wedding tiara! Yes, you heard that right! Laura chose to adorn her wedding day look with a rose-gold colored tiara along with matching earrings! While you might be thinking that tiaras are only reserved for royalty or belong exclusively to the sets of Miss Congeniality, Laura here showed that she is no less than any royalty and that she is so ready to bring the tiaras back in the fashion world of weddings!

Laura’s rose-gold sparkly wedding tiara was ‘raised’ so it was perfectly placed on her hairdo and created a halo effect which made her bridal look angelic! For all the brides who are looking ahead to wearing tiaras on their wedding day but also don't want to feel too traditional or too trendy, Laura’s tiara is the best example of a classic style with a little twist of modernity!

Our talented wedding photographers in Kansas City have keen eyes for details. They never miss out on anything. From Laura’s jewelry including wedding rings to her bridal bouquet they captured each and everything in the best of frames! Laura’s bridal bouquet was just as beautiful and delicate as her! It had all the colors of love. From red dahlias to white roses and beautiful peonies with greens, every single element in Laura’s bridal bouquet was a nod to her spring wedding. Gracefully tied with a pink satin ribbon to match with her wedding look. Everything about Laura and Aaron's wedding was about rose-gold and white. A gorgeous and subtle wedding theme and color palette for a mind-blowing spring wedding!

No doubt a wedding is a day mainly all about a bride, but that doesn’t mean the groom will be left behind! With our creative and professional wedding photographers by your side, no one is going to miss the limelight! Just the way our photographers captured Laura’s accessories on her big day, they also captured Aaron’s essentials on his day! From his rose-gold tie to the wedding band to his black strap watch and the lovely boutonniere, they captured everything without letting go of any detail!

Well, that was all about the small details. Now comes the most awaited detail from Laura’s bridal wardrobe- her wedding dress! A wedding dress is indeed the most gorgeous and expensive garment a bride wears on her wedding day. It is a cloth that speaks about the bride. And Laura’s wedding dress was nothing but stunning and gorgeous. Our creative wedding photographers in Kansas City placed her wedding gown on a hanger against the white exposed brick background to bring out the best in her wedding dress photos! Laura’s A-line wedding dress with a deep plunging V-neckline made her bridal look standout. The bodice of her wedding dress was embellished with sequence and intricate work. The sweeping train of her wedding dress further added more drama to her entire wedding look!

Laura graciously slipped into her wedding dress while her maid-of-honor and bridesmaids helped her in zipping her dress up and getting all dolled up for the big day! She looked nothing but radiating like a princess! For her wedding day hairdo, she chose to have her hair tied up in a messy and braided bun. She went all sweet and romantic with some side twists and loose curls that framed her face making her stunning features more visible and enchanting! To complete her hairstyle, she donned a beautiful rose-gold studded tiara! We love the picture where she is wearing her heels and earrings which her mother is holding while standing at her back! Our photographers captured each and every moment between the bride and her mother. It was surely a priceless moment for Laura’s mother to see her little daughter all grown up and getting ready for her big day as she was all set to start the new chapter of life!

Once she was all ready to walk down the aisle to have her vow exchange moment with Aaron, she had an exciting and loving first look moment with her dearest daddy! It was indeed a moment worth capturing for our Kansas City and its suburban wedding photographers! The moment Laura’s dad saw her all dressed up for the big day he wasn’t able to hold his excitement and he went all wow (or we say big mouth) and our photographers did not miss the chance to capture the adorable moment in their camera lens! After Laura and her dad had their heartwarming first look moment, it was our handsome groom to see his lovely soon-to-be-wife for the first time all decked out in her wedding dress! Well, talking about the groom, Aaron looked charming and dapper in his blue pants suit which he paired with a crisp white shirt, rose-gold tie, and red dahlia boutonniere! His hair was neatly parted and the broad smile on his face could have any girl’s heart in a blink of an eye! Slowly and steadily, Laura walked towards Aaron who was standing facing his back to her. She came, hugged him from behind and he turned and all our wedding photographers in and around Kansas City went aww! It was a very beautiful, romantic, and heartfelt moment for everyone! Our affordable Kansas City wedding photographers clicked endless photos of Laura and Aaron’s first look! The way they gently hugged each other. The way Aaron was holding Laura from her waist and she was all smiling and blushing. For a moment our photographers felt that they had been transported to some romantic fairy tale story!

After they saw each other all decked out and ready for the big moment, they walked holding each other’s hand. Aaron held Laura gently very close to her and they both posed for some dreamy first look wedding pictures! Our photographers took some distant shots and some closeups too! Laura and Aaron’s closeups were enough to tell people the love and compassion they both share with each other! When our professional wedding photographers in Kansas City finished capturing their romantic first look photos, they did capture some bridal portraits of Laura with her bridal bouquet and her wedding dress!

Before Laura and Aaron headed for their wedding ceremony, they posed for some fun-filled wedding pictures with their handsome groomsmen and stunning bridesmaids. Both the teams coordinated and settled for royal blue color for Laura and Aaron’s wedding day! Without any doubt, Aaron and his charming team were looking really dapper while, on the other hand, Laura and her lovely wedding party were giving tough competition to the heart-throbbing boys in the wedding day pictures! The blue dresses and the blue background made their Kansas City wedding portfolio a cut above the rest!

After the pre-wedding photography session was over, Aaron and Laura went ahead for some outdoor formal wedding photography sessions! They posed with their family members and close friends! The circular arbor made of seasonal blooms on the exposed red bricks offered a perfect frame to our wedding photographers in and around the Kansas City area to capture lovely formal wedding portraits! Once the formal wedding photography session was over, our lovey-dovey couples along with their wedding guests headed inside The Beck Event Space for their indoor wedding ceremony followed by a romantic wedding reception!

The industrial vibe offered by The Beck Event Space made the entire ambiance welcoming for everyone to savor every moment of the celebration! Standing in front of each other and holding hands, Laura and Arron exchanged their wedding vows and left no eye dry! They looked adorable and our Kansas City wedding photographers left no angle to capture the swoon-worthy wedding ceremony pictures of the duo! Once they were officially declared as husband and wife, it was the time for their first kiss as newlyweds and everyone went aww, smiling, and clapping!

One of the greatest advantages of hosting a wedding ceremony and wedding reception at The Beck Event Space is that it offers several layout options depending on the needs and requirements of the couple! The versatility and flexibility of amazing space will allow you to divide the large space into a separate ceremony and reception area for a more intimate and traditional feel! Laura and Aaron's wedding reception was set in the gorgeous, industrial-chic exposed brick ballroom. With a beautiful arbor and tons of beautiful window lights, the entire space was beautifully lit and gave endless opportunities to our wedding photographers in Kansas City and its suburbs to snapshot mesmerizing indoor wedding pictures! Every inch of The Beck Event Space was carefully designed from a photographer’s eye, hence this place was a muse for our wedding photo experts!

When Laura and Aaron made their dramatic entry through the picture-perfect grand staircase, everyone was left in amazement! They laughed, hugged, and kissed each other before they hit the dance floor and shared some romantic steps during their first dance moment! Our affordable Kansas City wedding photographers clicked all these romantic and tender moments of two souls drenched in love in the most romantic frames! They held each other, danced together, shared some choreographed moves and spins while everyone was raising toasts for their new journey!

It is true that every end is a new beginning. Laura and Aaron’s wedding night ended with lots of sparkle and glitter! Their wedding guests were holding sparklers in their hands while Aaron made Laura lean in his arms and kissed her gently! Smiles, waves of laughter, tears of joy, and heartfelt touches filled Laura and Aaron’s wedding day! It was clearly visible how generous and grateful Laura and Aaron were on their wedding day! Our wedding photographers would gladly go back and relive Laura and Aaron’s wedding day back at The Beck Event Space 1,000,000 times over! Every sweet moment, every laugh, every fun dance move… It was truly a day that our wedding photographers are so thankful to have been a part of! We wish the cute couple a lifetime of happiness, love, joy, and companionship! Cheers!!

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