When Romance Weds Luxury at the Pazzo’s at Three Eleven in Chicago

ON 16, October 2020


Francis and Steve had a stunning summer wedding at Pazzo's at Three Eleven in Chicago, where all the elements of grandeur and elegance came together to witness the union of two souls. In June of 2019, they tied the knot at this gorgeous Chicago wedding venue and gave everyone awe-inspiring Chicago wedding photography. Located right next to the Sears Tower, Pazzo's at Three Eleven is a beautiful wedding venue and a favorite of many newly engaged couples of Chicago and its suburbs like GlencoeNorthbrookWilmetteWestern SpringsClarendon HillsBuffalo GroveLong GroveNapervilleEvanstonBannockburnOak ParkHinsdale, and many others.

This gorgeous Chicago wedding venue is conveniently located in downtown Chicago and is considered one of the best wedding venues in Chicagoland. It was a perfect host to Francis and Steve’s union with its gorgeous marble look and a scenic atrium that offers city views with an impressive Greek statue in the backdrop. It makes an ideal modern yet classic place with a hint of Italian flair and is mesmerizing everyone with the sights of exquisite palm trees and cascading waterfalls, located right in the heart of Chicago’s West Loop. Pazzo's at Three Eleven can accommodate up to 400 guests and features tall walls that soar to a glass pane ceiling. This grand wedding venue is a dream come true for the Chicago bride!


The day began with Francis’s beautiful getting-ready photoshoot, with every little detail being captured by our Chicago wedding photographers. The bridal gown was hung by the door and it made for a perfect shot as Francis looked at it with all the love in her eyes! We absolutely loved the softness of the getting-ready photoshoot with all the white wedding details. Our Chicago wedding photographers also captured the gorgeous accessories placed on a table against the backdrop of the wedding dress. The bridal bouquet, sparkling stilettos, and the wedding ring whispered Francis and Steve’s love story with utmost elegance! Love shone a lot brighter than the day on Francis’s face as she glowed with angelic beauty being dressed in white. We totally loved her subtle makeup highlighting the stunning features of her face and her choice of simple bridal jewelry which was oh-so-chic! For her bridal hairstyle, she wore a studded headband of floral patterns.


Brittany looked ethereal in a beautiful white wedding gown in a trumpet fit, with a delicate studded belt and a long train. The sparkling pair of silver heels added more glamor to her bridal look. We absolutely loved the royal yet boho-feel that her headband added, and coupled with the soft curls - she looked magical! Her bridal bouquet was brimming with gorgeous white roses with a hint of the lightest of pinks and baby’s breath.


Steve looked every bit of dashing in a yale black tux with a contrasting white and green boutonniere and a black bow-tie. His wedding day style was concluded by black shoes. We love the little blushing smile on his face as our Chicago wedding photographers captured his dapper look outside the wedding venue. 


The bridesmaids were looking stunning in different styles of peach-colored bridesmaids dresses, perfect for a spring-summer wedding. The groomsmen, on the other hand, looked dapper, dressed in contrasting black suits, with black ties and black shoes, similar to the groom. The boutonnieres and bridesmaids bouquets were all color-coordinated in whites and greens. 


The bridal party gathered for the wedding ceremony at the wedding venue and the venue was looking beautiful with silver chairs looking over the ceremony area under the Greek statue. The elegance of the ceremony area was complemented by a sophisticated floral arrangement for a royal look in stunning tall vases.


As Francis walked down the aisle with her parents, the moment looked enchanting, with the dim soft lights from behind and dark rustic setting making the most perfect frame. Francis’s mother looked absolutely gorgeous in a silver-gray gown while her father sported a charcoal-gray suit and looked every bit of a dashing-dad! He completed his look with black shoes and a dark gray hat and we totally love the entire look! We also love how our Chicago wedding photographers have captured the anticipation on Steve’s face as he waits for his lovely bride to walk down the aisle. 


As the bride joined the groom at the end of the aisle, a new beginning awaited the two. Time stood still and it gave us an iconic Chicago wedding photography moment. The gray marbled walls and the green-colored Greek statue made for a spectacular backdrop for Francis and Steve’s wedding photography. The colors lent its unique vibrance to the bride and groom standing against it, making the wedding ceremony photoshoot look ethereal! After the wedding ceremony, the newlywed couple had a great wedding photography moment as they posed along the staircase. The color scheme of the staircase did wonders for the romantic post-ceremony photo! We absolutely love this thought, ‘Love makes everyone gravitate towards itself and then lifts them to a place where gravity doesn’t exist anymore!’. And Francis and Steve’s Pazzo's at Three Eleven wedding photography is a testament to that. 


The bride and groom moved to the outdoors for some spectacular wedding photography. The natural light added an unmatched glow to the happy faces and how adorbs do they look!? The city sights and building structure beautifully depicted an iconic Chicago wedding. 


They were joined by the bridal party as they headed towards the Cloud Gate! We loved the look of these photos as they brilliantly captured love, friendship, and the significance of the wedding day perfectly displayed by the stunning surroundings! The bridesmaids’ dresses were everything summer and resonated with the vibes of a summer wedding all the way. The bridesmaids’ bouquets were beautifully complementing the summer vibes and their dresses in a combination of greens and whites. The candid shots at weddings are believed to spell celebrations in unparalleled ways and so did theirs, as the entire bridal party posed against the iconic Chicago monument. The warm smiles and happiness were brilliantly captured by our wedding photographers immaculately. 


As the newlywed couple made their way back to the wedding venue, our wedding photographers in Chicago captured some swoon-worthy portraits of them against the luxe interiors of the wedding venue. We absolutely loved how our artistic team of wedding photographers in Chicago made the most of the colors around. The pink blooms added a lush color to all their wedding photos while the gray and white marbles wove their magic in the background. How we adore the romantic portraits of the newlyweds, filled with love and fun! Francis’s bridal portraits are the stuff that bridal dreams are made of. Absolutely Insta-worthy! Francis and Steve’s Pazzo's @311 wedding photos are a treat for the eyes! The luxury that resonates with every photo makes you fall in love with this wedding venue. 


They were soon joined by their parents and our Chicago wedding photographers captured some beautiful family portraits surrounded by the elegance of the venue. And soon the bride was joined by her bridesmaids and together they struck fabulous poses, living the day they all had been waiting for, to the fullest! 


As the day progressed, the entire event space was transformed into a stunning reception hall and we were absolutely amazed at the immaculate transformation! The tables were flawlessly set for reception, keeping up with the tones of whites and grays all over the venue. The touch of soft yellow-golden that hinted at the glowing lights was provided by the chair furnishings and it completed the look of the whole event. Whatever color was in the air, on the walls, and the ceilings were beautifully placed on the floor too, totally in sync with each other! We loved every little detail of the decor. Right from the neutral colors to elegant table settings, the wedding reception decor was inspired by the poise and luxurious beauty. The reception-style brilliantly complemented the ambiance and interiors of Pazzo's at Three Eleven. The centerpieces looked whimsical with foliage and florals in hints of greens and off-whites. We loved the color tones of the drapes floral arrangements at this Pazzo's at Three Eleven wedding, as they added an element of grace and class to the decor. The subtle presence of pink florals amidst neat chairs and tables covered in white linen made for gorgeously romantic summer wedding decor. You could have various elements of the season incorporated in your wedding like the fallwinter, or festive like Thanksgiving and others. There are many ways in which you can incorporate these into your wedding like the wedding invites, wedding signs, decor, wedding exit, your wedding cake, the table settings, and so much more! You could even have a themed wedding, where the theme is inspired by a movie, a book, or a series that you both love. 


The newlywed couple made their way to the reception in the ballroom, where all the guests greeted them with utmost joy! We love the celebratory vibes that encompass weddings. So cheerful, lively, and unmatched. The happiness on the newlywed couple’s faces was brilliantly captured by our Chicago wedding photographers. And when it comes to love, wouldn’t you agree that nothing matches the vibes of a newlywed couple that’s basking in the newfound glory of marital bliss?


Soon after, it was time for the bride and groom to cut their wedding cake! The four-tiered white cake looked scrumptious and oh-so-chic! The cake was adorned with adorable little edible flowers and petals and surrounded by lush florals in whites and pink petals. We loved how the cake matched the color of the wedding perfectly and the drapes on the cake table were absolutely in sync with the interiors of Pazzo's at Three Eleven. The cake topper added glamor to the cake and looked stunning in gold! If you are looking for inspiration for a sweet tablecake topper, or cake styles, check out our blog.


Post that, Francis and Steve ventured outdoors for some romantic couple wedding portraits and the photos turned out stunning. We loved how the lovely duo was captured in the gardens, giving the photos a whimsical effect. The happiness, the eye contacts, and little giggles comprised all the wedding shenanigans that are only privy to the bride and groom and the photos are theirs to take a walk down the memory lane whenever they want to. We are swooning over the romantic poses that the newlyweds indulged in amidst the dramatic lighting around! The stone bench, the lush greens, and vibrant blooms around played the perfect props for their post-wedding photography.


If we talk about post-wedding photography, the golden hour is a great time to have some. Once you are done with your wedding ceremony, or when your guests are busy enjoying their cocktails, you can head out into the outdoors with your spouse for some wedding portraits. If you are looking for some post-wedding photography inspiration, check out our blog on how the golden hour can give your wedding album some showstopping photos! 


Francis and Steve’s summer soiree was perfect in every way. It had the elegance of a timeless wedding, the colors of a warm summer wedding, with the myriad moods of a love story that made their transition into the marital world memorable. It takes so many months and countless efforts for a couple to plan a wedding, right from picking their wedding date, choosing the perfect wedding venue, deciding on various elements of the wedding like ceremony decor and reception decor, to sending out their wedding invites. Francis and Steve’s meticulously thought wedding details like the welcome signs, the wedding decor, the color theme, the cake, and so many other big and small things, looked beautiful on their wedding day and will make great memories when they will go down the memory lane years later. Our Chicago wedding photographers at Lily and Lime ensured to capture all the real moments, candid emotions, and all the beauty in-between and transformed them into works of art depicting their Chicago wedding story.

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